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“Tony is one of the best people that I have ever worked for. He knows how to make your day bright every day. He knows how to be a great leader and leads by example. So honored to have worked with him.”

“Tony is a fantastic guy to work with. Always my Go-To guy at Extra's Management. Personable, timely, and trough. I could always count on Tony to get the job done and get it done right. A pleasure to work with!”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tony at The Art Institute of Hollywood. Tony's support has been exceptional and I admire his character, accomplishments, and good work ethic. He is a true professional and a valuable asset to the company.”

“Tony is full of positive energy. While working with Tony at Archstone, he portrayed a pleasant attitude and drive to get the job done well. He was a great team player and always assisted all with any challenges that arose. He is a great asset to any team.”

“Tony was a joy to work with, a great person with a pleasant personality, he was always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. I'd happily work with Tony again, and would recommend him highly for any position where strong accounting or financial skills are needed along with solid business acumen.”

“It was always a pleasure to work with Tony in the communities he managed. Every phone call brought a ray of sunshine to my day. Communications were always prompt and defined which made my job so much easier! His clear communication allowed me to provide him with the right candidate to fulfill his needs and my candidates always wanted to work with him!”

“I have worked with Tony Perkins for 4 years. He is dedicated, intelligent, and has a strong ability to multitask. Tony has a level of knowledge and professionalism that he can be proud of. He has shown that he is not afraid of a challenge and is more than willing to take on anything that comes his way. He is an exceptional manager. I would recommend him for a position with your company.”

“In the brief time that Mr. Perkins managed me, it was a pleasure and was very informative for me, because, the situation that we worked in was unique to the property management field, and I learned a lot from Mr. Perkins as to how to rectify certain situations and how to handle certain types of people. I also appreciated his upbeat personality, which kept the workplace in a good working mood. He was a strong yet fair boss, and I would work with him again in a heartbeat. I think he will be an asset wherever he goes. Thank you.”

“Tony is an extremely hard-working and very organized individual. I was able to work with Tony for a time while at being with The Art Institute of California - Hollywood. Tony was one of those individuals where you could tell he owned his job and knew what the goals and duties were walking into the position. He was extremely dedicated to what he did and at the same time kept up his optimism and wonderful personality! I very much miss working with Tony and will always keep him in mind when recruiting for various positions throughout my network and the current organizations I'm working with. I recommend him highly!”

“I have had the remarkable pleasure of working with Tony as a business partner on multiple fronts. Depending on the circumstance, Tony and I have played respective roles as leaders, colleagues, and advisors for one another. He is a phenomenal collaborator! To cut to the chase, Tony was a joy to work with as a contractor for one of our clients and was always diligent and proactive. He never failed to represent us or himself strongly every day! His dedication, flexibility, and incredible knowledge base combined with patience and care at each step encouraged this intricate relationship to develop into a permanent position with our business partner. He has continued to educate himself across multiple disciplines to mold himself into an incredibly valuable professional. Tony has never failed to start our conversations with a warm "Hello" and "How are you?", no matter the nature of the call, and has gone beyond the typical expectations of our professional relationship to provide additional recommendations and advice. I had the opportunity to check Tony's references during his hiring process, and can wholeheartedly agree with the group of folks with whom I spoke -Tony is fantastic!”

“One of the most professional people i have ever worked with. And yet not stuck up in the least. Very patient. And caring. He walked us through each process step by step. Because, he knows everything like the back of his hand. I felt like I have known him forever. Seriously, in this industry, it’s rare to find someone you can talk to, let alone relate to. But Tony is someone relatable and still extremely by-the-book professional. After we met him, we realized there was no one else who could help us. Thank you for whatever cloud you floated from. You are an angel.”